“A Windmill on the river in Šetonje”
Šetonje, Petrovac na Mlavi, 2016.
Photograph by Stanko Kostić, art photographer

System of Cooperatives and Rural Self-Government in Serbia

The round table titled “System of Cooperatives and Rural Self-Government in Serbia” will take place at the SASA Grand Hall, on Thursday, 23 May, at 10 a.m.

Two years ago, the Government of the Republic of Serbia started a project titled “500 Cooperatives in 500 Villages” for the purpose of revival of cooperatives. Academician Dragan Škorić, the president of the Academy Board for Rural Issues and Milan Krkobabić, a minister will speak about the project itself.

Afterwards, the participants of the round table will theoretically discuss important aspects of the project. Practical recommendations on the most appropriate agrarian and social reform of our villages and agriculture in general, particularly on the system of cooperatives and rural self-government will be delivered to the state authorities based on the conclusions of the scientific debate that will follow the lectures.