The exhibition dedicated to Academician Mihailo Gavrilović  is on view at the Gallery of Science and Technology until Feb. 28.

Mihailo Gavrilović (Aleksinac, 1868 – London, 1924) was a renowned historian, the first Serbian archivist and the first director of the State Archives of Serbia (founded in 1900). he earned his PhD at the Sorbonne and worked as professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. He served as a diplomat in Cetinje, London and the Vatican and was held in high esteem in international diplomatic circles.

The goal of the exhibition is to shed light on and present to the general public the life and work of this giant of the national history, who, by an unfortunate concurrence of events, is virtually unknown today, particularly to young generations. Visitors will be able to see original archival documents, photographs, letters, and relevant scholarly and specialist publications.

The exhibition has been prepared by associates of the SASA Branch in Niš, the National Museum, Niš, and the Historical Archives, Niš, as a token of gratitude to and respect for the person and work of Academician Gavrilović, a man with a lifelong attachment to southern and eastern Serbia – by his birth, education, first jobs and subsequent activities.  The exhibition was on display in Niš, at the Sinagoga Gallery, from Oct. 16 to 31 last year.