The Department of Medical Sciences of SASA and The Immunological Society of Serbia are marking the International Day of Immunology at the SASA Grand Hall, on Thursday 25 April, at 9 a.m. with a series of scientific lectures in the fields of immunology of infections, allergies, auto-immune and malignant diseases, on the role of intestines microbiota and faecal transplantation in the immune response, which are based on the most recent research developments brought about by immunologists in Serbia and the world in the previous year. This year will feature two excellent keynote lectures. Professor Desa Lilić (Newcastle University, Great Britain) will discuss the updates on fungal infections, primarily Candidiasis as a growing global problem, while Professor Miloš Marković (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade) will give a lecture dealing with the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, i.e. how the number of anti-genes in this vaccine affects its Immunogenicity and efficiency in the protection of the population against pneumococcal infections.

The International Day of Immunology is globally marked on 29 April within national societies of immunology and other organizations, aiming to raise awareness of the significance of the immune system in the fight against infectious, malignant and auto-immune diseases, as well as their physiological roles in pregnancy and ageing.

A live stream of the event is available at LIVE STREAMING